The Mental Independence Initiative

The Mental Independence Initiative is an initiative created by Healthy Mind UK that gives both College and University Students the chance to develop their Mental Health in order to cope with independence.

College and University Students who are struggling with new found independence, the pressure of change or increased workload will be able to take part in the initiative to boost their Mental Health and help them cope with their studies and personal life. The project is education based and each Student will receive their own pack to help them manage their future Mental Health and wellbeing. Projects are tailored for both College and University students.



Our Mindset Mentor project is a 1 - 2 - 1 support mechanism that helps both College and University Students with their mindset. The project incorporates using the modern philosophy associated with a Growth Mindset and helps Students to take control of their mind. By using inspirational techniques, providing clarity and purpose, Healthy Mind UK can have a huge positive impact on Students with relation to their studies and personal life.

Mindset Mentor group sessions are also available for both Colleges and Universities, helping to promote positive mindsets through student collaboration and engagement.



The Motivational Masterclass is a one-off seminar aimed at inspiring students. The seminar is delivered in an inspirational way and embeds a simple philosophy - "You can achieve anything you want, but you must have the right mindset".

The seminar incorporates personal experiences from our founder Andy Wynne, using an engaging and "real-life" based delivery method to unlock the hidden motivation within students. Events in Andy's life are shared in a raw and honest manner, including the impact they had on his academic studies, his personal life and career with relation to his own struggles with Mental Health. The masterclass will have a huge positive impact on students and will help them to find new found motivation within themselves. 

Please Note - Healthy Mind UK also deliver bespoke sessions to College's and Universities with relation to particular points of interest or improvements that each institution wants to make. These can be discussed and agreed accordingly.